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Euro-clean cleaning founded in October Cologne, the 31.07.2013 quick, cheap, clean and reliable can’t? There we go, say the founders of Gotz and Walker. The euro-clean building-cleaning services was founded in October 2012 and is joined with the mission to conquer the industrial cleaning market. With a simple as obvious approach: Professional cleaning services at very reasonable prices! Just how is that possible? “We have kept small at first our own cost structure and for each power unit established efficient processes and can these savings in our hourly billing rates to our customers pass on”, says the owner of Gotz. The concept seems to be working. The Foundation is now a few months and the euro-clean cleaning won already plenty tenders and customers. Gotz and Walker are very satisfied with the development and plan the further expansion of the company now.

This was the first step the original services building and office cleaning to additional services such as window cleaning, floor cleaning and winter service and hired staff trained in the newly established cleaning procedures. In the medium term the building cleaners in catchment area the area Cologne / Bonn would extend on throughout North Rhine-Westphalia and win more tenders in the field of maintenance cleaning. On the question about the secret of success, Gotz provides the grounds smiling: “customers appreciate it, if they have found a reliable, fast and punctual service providers which do this are the prices. And if then still the used cleaning products are biodegradable, the total package is easy. About the euro-clean cleaning the euro-clean cleaning specializes on professional cleaning services at very reasonable prices. Maintenance cleaning, Office cleaning, commercial cleaning, belong to the range of services Floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, sanitary cleaning, window cleaning, dumpster service and winter service and other services in the field of cleaning. The company is located in Bornheim in the Rhineland and the cleaning market in the area Cologne / Bonn. Press contact euroclean – Roman Gotz Gotz & Walker GbR Rathausstrasse 10 53332 Bornheim euro