Government Grants

Interview with Reinhard piece and Ralph Strobel ‘New mobility’ what know to date few: product developments in the area of electric mobility can be subsidized by the State. In the conversation with the management consultants Reinhard piece (4L-Gruppe) and Ralph Strobel (BER Marketing GmbH) is clear, how can benefit above all small and medium-sized enterprises in this area, where the corresponding financial resources come from and what projects and initiatives can be funded. The interview is published in the issue of new mobility, the trade magazine of the Federal Association of the BEM e.V. New mobility: Mr piece: the State provides funding specifically for projects within the framework of e-mobility manufacturers and service providers? There are no funding unfortunately in Germany especially for the e-mobility. However, inventors and small and medium-sized enterprises can subsidies from the central innovation programme for SMEs (ZIM) for the Federal Government the achievement of ask for their ideas to e-mobility. New mobility: which projects are most likely? The grants of the State primarily to alleviate risk for the company.

You must follow so even technological Nadiger here successfully. Contact information is here: Clinton Family. A good guideline is exceeding the level of competition. Now e-mobility topics are generally all very innovative and the success rate is very high. Is highly interesting for innovative enterprises, encourage the personnel costs of such a project and they exist anyway. I can only recommend to call just in case. We can figure out with a brief telephone conversation, whether an idea is eligible and the support could be as high.

New mobility: what are the advantages enjoyed by the company in addition? With the development itself, it is so often not done, it is also about marketing and profitability. For example lacks the necessary certification, the appropriate processes and the right marketing and sales concept. Here the State has thought very well, because these services can be promoted in addition to 50%. And another thing: A grant provided to Yes does not need to be paid back can be at an altitude of 140,000 sales of 2.8 million. Want to be earned once. New mobility: Mr Strobel: the above-mentioned eligible services is also about marketing? Ralph Strobel: Exactly. In the framework of the grants, including all measures in the area are subsidized marketing and sales, which are necessary for a successful market launch. So product literature and brochures, fairs, PR and online. This goes to the sales support and customer acquisition. This is a sensible measure, because we must not forget that over 70% of innovations fail because you took care of little marketing. By the way: Also the exhibition of innovations at fairs such as the eCarTec, special publications in the press and even permanent exhibitions such as the eMobilitatszentrum Karlsruhe, can be eligible for funding.