Home Server

How to get rid of the noise a home server? This question plagued me six years ago. I was very actively engaged in fishing and satellite server is 'fishing' for days. Work and now found a home server. Described here Why do I need a home server. Now I know where to hide the server so that your ears are not tired. At first I was trying to make silent server, but he knew from the noise of hard disk drives will be difficult and expensive to get rid of. I thought I'd hang it in the toilet (This option is also good for soundproofing). I tried to not like it.

Roaring infection. Yes, and cables up to him three pieces draw (220, LAN, satellite dish). I then drew attention to the closest to the antenna location (balcony). Balcony I glazed. In the summer heat like a greenhouse in the winter cold dog. Terms frankly not comfortable. The ambient temperature can vary from -35 degrees to +40 degrees (with a 6-year life of the real temperature which the server is working). That's about overheating the computer, there are clear implications (written on the internet about this a lot), but at the low temperature data are scarce.

I decided to try it. Old iron is not sorry. When has begun to install the street it was spring. Conditions right to say the most suitable for a small experiment. Moderately cold at night and by day napekaet sun is also not bad.