Letter from a reader who had lost hope and the response provided a powerful tool to give you clarity, focus and increase its vibrations: the letter T. tool: not is because I am writing this, maybe because I feel with no hope. I am a single mom raising two young boys. Then that the more small was assaulted on the way to school the last year, gave up the good work that had television pra starting my own marketing company from home. I had two clients – at the same time – that allowed me to generate more revenue than that they got in my previous employment.

Then in March, I lost one of these clients. We had different visions and began to discuss too often envelope which should be my role. This cut my income in half. I got a new customer but gaining a third of what you perceived from the previous. And right now I’m in debt, my account is in the Red since my other important client did not perform the income until the day of yesterday and takes 24-72 hours to make the money available (he had assured me that it would do so on Thursday!) The money that the father delivered for their children this late also and not even have enough money to pay for the supermarket. I am terrified of my checks bounce and ended up on the street. I can not sleep.

My stomach is a knot. Beginning to think if my children would not be better with his father. He perhaps could give them what I am no longer able to. Not be how to get out of this negative mentality. I don’t understand why I have these feelings of empty emotional when it comes to money. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a potential client and I can even focus me to prepare a decent presentation for him.