E THE WIND LED ' ' How many roads must man walks down before you call him the Man? (Bob Dylan, singer) the first article of the Law of the Incompetence, of Murphy, says: ' ' Everybody is imcompetent person, also voc' '. It scares idea to see to admit us to it such fact, but we cannot leave to ahead recognize our impotence of the cruel and overwhelming demoralization of the society, said civilized, where we live. We are, at the same time, victims and carrascos of we ourselves. We add 190 million Brazilians with a jail population that if approaches to 500 a thousand prisoners. This means the average of a prisoner for group of 380 people, of where if it concludes: if 379 citizens are not capable to recoup and to promote one prisoner alone, the imcompetent people we are all. We can achincalhar the politicians and escorraar the governing that if occur, but they are elect for us, products of the way where we live, that is, they are you create conscientious give birth for this hypocritical and perverse society that in the devora while she dissimulates to enaltecer our fragile existence.

This society with which we delight in them and we daily help to construct, from the molds dictated for the collective conscience. ' ' Mesmo&#039 knows you it you; ' , here it is the key of the supreme wisdom, that was recorded in the entrance of the Temple of Apolo, in Delfos. But the ingenuous and presumptuous humanity ignored per centuries this wise orientation and preferred to tatear in the dark one, searching to develop a civilization supported only in the material comfort; developing intelligence and disdaining summarily the divine essence that livens up our existence. Now we try to find palliative to fight the crime and the violence, without worrying in them about the causes that had given origin and loan to form and content to them for its dissemination.