The Enemy

I told this to the fact that if you want to be a true professional, then at the end of the game is not in any way insult the players, the maximum that you can do – is a cultural say what you have suggested that one or the other player is using cheats to say thanks for the game and leave. So should behave always and everywhere (on normal servers too), and not just in the game world. Be above, be man! Orientation map at Speak card making tactics of attack / defense, or even just a "downhill" on it – is necessary. You have to know where your opponent appears, by what means he could move you with what parties most likely will, etc. Card is not so difficult to memorize, one hour games on map'e enough for perfect knowledge, where there are enemies, and they can at you "come" is more difficult to orient properly. The point that the enemy can come from any direction, and at any time. Which results in these tips: Listen to information about the actions of the enemy (read casually chat, see what and who (a point on the map) gives the radio command, and that speaking voice chat) as often as possible turn around, do not let the enemy get you vrasploh.Dvigaytes as possible close to the walls and corners. If you feel that you are trying to hold, it is best to take a position in uglu.Ne forget to think logically, and just think.