Innovex Strategic Partner

With the model of business science on a new course of Mannheim the health market is changing quickly and steadily. These developments relate to one of the leading providers of marketing and sales solutions in the healthcare sector, even companies such as Innovex. Has been shown especially in the last few years that it’s no longer just about the provision of field capacity. The demands of the market require a complex range of co-ordinated services. “So, Innovex has raised its portfolio accordingly: with its new business model business science” the company enters the market changes and bundles of services that include rather longer than the classic distribution services on a contract basis, but provide networked solutions. For us it is always important to provide innovative solutions for a dynamic market”, emphasises Monika Beintner, Managing Director of Innovex in Mannheim.

With the model of business science”is the specialist for Pharmavertriebslosungen an individually on the demands of the customers. The usual services for marketing and sales simply no longer enough”, says Beintner. Against this background, Innovex offers new modules in addition to proven programs also. For example the patient service program (PSP), which includes services related to the direct contact with the patient. We have developed strategies that can significantly increase patient compliance”, so Beintner. Innovex-teams in PSP projects consist of medically trained professionals who accompany the therapy of patients and train doctors and patients in the implementation and advise.

This help to increase compliance and therefore the success of the treatment for patients. For service providers, as well as for doctors and patients, this is a win-win situation, in which all alike benefit from the success of the measure. But also in the field of medical specialists, Innovex sees a big growth in the market and thus development potential for the employees. Because it increasingly Give products aimed at specialists in clinics and in the private sector, also this target group is gaining importance. With qualified staff training, such as for example the training in the field of Oncology in collaboration with Innovex in England, health education and training like the training to the stakeholder task force, the competence of the staff is continually evolving. Because in addition to specialist practice relevant knowledge, medical representatives should be able to talk to doctors about high demanding indications, but also new forms of care, and health policy. We substantiate with concrete market analysis data”which measure at which point can cause the most, Beintner stressed. “And the experiences that we have made in other European countries with innovative forms of distribution, provided us also.” So imagine the healthcare industry networked services to meet the challenges of an ever demanding market available. Innovex is a Subsidiary of quintiles transnational, the number 1 in Germany and around the world, when it comes to clinical research, marketing, and sales from a single source for the healthcare industry. This year, Innovex was already for the fourth time by the magazine capital,”awarded to the best employer. The provider of marketing and sales solutions in the healthcare industry achieved a very successful business year 2007 with a turnover of 75 million euros. Last but not least to his years of expertise in the market and its highly qualified staff has the success.