The Previous

The clientele had increased substantially and if there was increased more, it was because there was no more tables in the place. Antonio was proud of his progress. So the idea of his own restaurant began to germinate in their minds. He had saved enough money and still had without changing the pesetas and the few valuables he had brought from Spain. Stuart told him their plans. Possibilities had asked him to get a small loan from the bank to add it to your savings and have the opportunity to open his own business and to the amazement of Antonio, Stuart, who never wanted to innovate if it was comfortable, encouraged by the joy and positivity Antonio, offered to form a partnership: Sell the actual restaurant and the resulting money savings Antonio and see what they could get. They were looking for around for a while, but got what they wanted, so it was off a little of the city.

They bought a restaurant whose attention span was double the previous. I was a bit away from central London, but in a nice neighborhood. The success was resounding. In a year and had a stable customer base, with few exceptions, was never an empty table. As more and getting your goals, Antonio, wanted to try a new one, decided it was time propose to Stelle. I had thought to ask if would be encouraged to go and live in a provincial town in England where local prices were more accessible and he could have his own without a partner.