Meet On Clothes. Or On The Facade

Some seemingly old sayings are relevant for all times and in all respects. For example, saying "meet on clothes" is applicable, perhaps, in all spheres of modern life. Houses and buildings are not exceptions. Be at least inside the house is lined with gold, but if the outside it looks like a wreck, not every person will agree to live in it. Housing and utilities are committed to the spring to do all the house beautiful from the outside, in spite of the horror perpetrated inside.

So, facade work are paramount to creating the right image and reputation of the owner or occupier homes. The West has long followed a clear pattern – the more beautiful from the outside office building, the more and faster it rented premises. Therefore, the finish and subsequent repair of facades – not a silly fad, but a prudent necessity. In Russia, the fashion for facade work has gone from Catherine's time, and specific source of the so-called "Potemkin village", created a favorite of Catherine ii, Prince Potemkin. Territory on which the village shortly before it was entirely uninhabited, and to produce to the queen a good impression, the prince took up the facade work on all the houses that were there. Outcome impressed – Catherine, and not going into any house, thanked the Potemkin and bless all his undertakings. On Today, a myriad of construction firms in each city provides facade work, but most do it for "grandfathering technology" – a painter or plasterer, sit in a special cradle, and with the help of Crane descends to the desired height.

Naturally, this process takes unreasonably long time. However, the cost of this technology is minimal, and the special requirements of workers do not show, so that in Russia it is still very popular. In addition to the above-mentioned technologies, some companies offer services popular in Europe, economic mountaineering. First of all, plus this method – you can get to anywhere. A minus – these services involve risk to their lives, so they cost significantly more.