Polyethylene Materials

Currently, there is virtually no product is 100% made from recycled plastic: the production of secondary raw materials, usually added to the primary. pet pet has a fairly stable mechanical properties, so the secondary material based on it can be easily recycled. The most common raw materials are plastic bottle. Recycled pet can serve as a supplement to other types of polymers and filler in composite materials and automotive plastics. In addition, the waste pet are an important raw material for production of primary pet. Products made from recycled pet are also sheets and strips.

Sheet used for manufacturing plastic boxes, which represent about 9% of the total use of recycled plastic. Banding intended primarily for industrial purposes. Another application of recycled pet – production of container. However, it should be noted that the speech in this case is about the production of packaging for consumer goods or packaging technology 'bottle in a bottle' (secondary material here is an intermediate layer and the outer and inner layers consist of a primary polymer). Polyethylene In most cases, the processing of polyethylene possible to achieve as close as a secondary material to the primary. Low density polyethylene films are manufactured for consumer and industrial packaging, which in the future and are the raw material for recycling. Areas of use of recycled polyethylene (LDPE) are quite varied, but most often it is used for making films and containers of various sizes by blow molding (the size of the containers is limited to the properties of the polymer). Irrigation pipe – is another example of mass production of recycled low-density polyethylene.

Usually they are made from a mixture of secondary and primary material. This allows us to improve crashworthiness. It is also possible to manufacture large-diameter pipes (up to 630 mm). However, it should be noted that not all types of waste are recyclable. Polypropylene, polystyrene and pvc main source of recycled polypropylene are plastic boxes, housing the batteries, bumpers and other plastic car parts. Packaging products made of polypropylene less amenable to treatment. Thus, the most common products made from recycled polypropylene are automotive parts: floor mats, gaskets, vent pipes, etc. The possibilities are recycling of polystyrene is much less than other materials. This is due to the fact that the diffusion of polystyrene is much smaller than that of other polymers, recycling processes are quite complex, and the difference in price of primary and secondary materials is low. Basically, polystyrene, a second-hand, recycled into the original products. Manufactured from recycled polystyrene insulation panels, packaging materials, insulated sheathing of pipes and other products. The most common products made from waste pvc are outdoor materials, such as linoleum.