The Rails

And only a true master, possessing the necessary technology and being a professional trained, knows how to maximize the properties of a material. Having all these qualities, our specialists offer their merchant customers to manufacture stair railing any category complexity and architectural design of products. The main elements of fencing for the stairs: handrails – design elements stair railings, which are installed on the rails. Also provides for railings on the wall or rack. Serve as an element of convenience in use, and a decorative element stairs and railings. Balusters – upper and lower support legs perilnogo fence. Are filled stair railings. Are different shapes.

One of the most important elements of protection and design stair railings. Railings – safety fence stairs and platforms. Typically, the vertical rails. But sometimes made and sloping rails. C terms of composition should be combined with all the elements of ladders and fences. Handrails are installed on the railing, as though their bonding. The rail several functions, not least of which – it is easy movement stairs. That is, we rely on handrails when walking on stairs.

So often rails are fixed on the walls, in cases where the stairs run along walls. For children are equipped with special railings installed at the height of their growth. Feature of the application causes the rails and material for the manufacture of handrails. Durability depends on the handrails of special coatings. Handrails in contact with the hands, so they are traces of palms and fingers. Surface of the rails are exposed to mechanical damage.