Modern Aluminum Doors

Aluminum – a metal that now occupies a leading position in the market of construction building materials. Most of the metal produced is used for these purposes. Aluminum occupies a special place in the industry manufacture of doors for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Today the doors of aluminum and aluminum alloys are installed in buildings of any type and destination. This is due to a number of its features that make it indispensable in the manufacture of doors. Among them are: * Environmental safety and biological inertness of aluminum on the human body; * plastic material, which can handle the pressure welding, cold stamping, etc. * The beautiful appearance and the possibility of surface finish painting, spraying, coating of other metals; * Aesthetics of the material, which is like the designer and decorator; * Durability material and its good performance.

Aluminum doors with glazing (interior) or deaf (fire), depending on the nature of the profile from which they are made, are cold and warm. A type of opening: 1. Sliding doors, capable of directing a special retreat to the center of the entrance portal or in opposite directions from the center. This type of door can be operated from the manual and or automatic drive. Automatic doors installed in places especially the large flow of people: in shopping malls, exhibition halls and entrances to the business centers. 2. Hinged doors open in one direction: 'away' or 'on themselves'. For greater convenience, these doors are installed door closers, which is pressed against the door flap to the opening and creates an additional sealing doors.

This type of door is most often used in office premises. 3. The entrances to the subway Sanzio, in buildings of railway stations and places where the direction of the flow of people is constantly changing, set the swing doors. Closer to those doors is on the axis door. The door leaf is opened in either direction, depending on where a person moves