Printing Services

Different ideas of business or marketing printing, especially if they are to be implemented in the shortest time and at high speed, can be implemented using digital printing technology. The method of digital printing is ideal for producing short runs of printed products. Digital printing in the city of Krasnodar is used for posters, labels, brochures, labels, forms, brochures and other types of printed products. High-speed printing makes this method of printing is indispensable for the implementation of urgent orders, many of which can be performed in the presence of the customer. Quality Digital Printing practically does not differ from the offset, but it should also recognize the advantage and the ability to define more clearly the draw. You can make a small number of copies, and then as needed to print additional. In layout of digital printing at any time you can make the necessary changes that will not take long.

Large-format printing is printing images on various materials (vinyl, mesh, paper, banner tissue) and has a great format. Perform large-format printing using special computer and printer, the latter can reach several meters in height and is significantly different from all the familiar office printer. Large format printing is widely used in Krasnodar in the advertising business. This type of advertising is different from other more accessible to a wide range of potential consumers of goods or services. Carrying out advertising campaigns in many cases implies the use of leaflets.

Print flyers Krasnodar g can be done on paper in large format and small. Leaflet on paper in large format allows place it on a larger amount of information, but it may be inconvenient for people receiving it. In order to remove it in your pocket or bag, you need to spend time and add it. And since modern man is never enough time, then he can just throw this leaflet, do not even read. Therefore, large-flyers are usually used for advertising campaigns in the office.