The Things

Cancel your credit cards. This may seem very drastic for some people. It is true that credit cards can serve much in some cases, but the reality is that they have big disadvantages that have the potential of generating us too much debt. Unnecessary expenditures, compulsive shopping, risk of identity theft, improve your rating of credit in the banks, charges that were not made, and many others are the things that save us to make this drastic move. 7. Use cash. If you don’t want to cancel your cards, you can at least focus on use cash as much as possible. Thus spend only what you have and you realize the magnitude of your expenses (something that does not happen with cards) 8.

Learn how to negotiate. Many of the tips we share involve some type of negotiation, either to obtain new credit, loan or to pay debts on time. Many do not like, but truly brings large benefits mastering this skill. 9 Learn of a few. In some articles I have suggested that you read books and take courses in finance.

At the time of doing so, I recommend much select only one or two books, read them, and already then see if you read another. When we try to consume lots of information of different authors and sources, we tend to confusion because each author has his ideas, its principles and its way of teaching, which many times can collide with other learning and teaching style. 10 Creates a list of everything you have (and sells the unnecessary). A good option is to create a list of all the material things (probably don’t use) may have. Then select items or things that can sell and no longer of your utility. A little more money to pay your debts. These were 10 ways to simplify your financial life, I’m sure that will help you much and your anger debt shrinking when you apply them. Greetings and keep in touch!