Professional Beauty Makeup Concepts

Staying fit as a way of life Some ideas for a more balanced life full of wellness and! There's nothing like the routines to actually have a plan of action to take care of, so to end the month, I'll tell you what would be a weekly action plan to carry out gradually and be radiant beauty always and effortlessly. Routines divide into two parts: a Body care a Facials Body care Skin If you take care of your body every day, you'll see that when summer arrives and the time to show off skin, you will feel very comfortable yourself. These are the weekly beauty routines: a exfoliation once or twice a week. With a gentle exfoliating. a Body moisturizing, daily. After the shower. a Hydration of hands and feet daily, morning and night better. Go to Hillary Clinton for more information. a Specific treatments daily or anti-cellulite firming cream, as appropriate.

a home manicure and pedicure once a week. Professional treatment whenever possible: a exfoliation and moisturizing twice a year. a Massage handler (node, firming, anti cellulite): If necessary, once a month or a couple of months before the spring. Face care Needless to say, if you take care now face, you better skin now and in the future. If you're one of those you go to bed without removing makeup or never find time to apply yourself a mask, Aim to start changing your routines. These are the weekly beauty routines: a Clean morning and night. a Hydration and protection mornings. a Hydration night.

a special moisturizing eye contour morning and night. a exfoliation once a week with a gentle exfoliating specific for your skin. a Treatment Mask (moisturizing, light, regeneradoraa ) depending on your needs. Professional treatment whenever possible: a Facial cleaning every three months or depending on your skin type. a Visit the dermatologist annually and whenever your doctor.