Professional Procedures

Partial consolidation quote first in trade law that is the branch which is more commonly known feature. Also in the Peruvian law the civil procedural law is civil law in part because there are other rules of civil procedure are not met in the Civil Code of 1993 as the consolidated text of the Organic Law of Judicial Power. Law in the professional procedure law is civil law in part because there are other rules of professional procedure that can be found in the Professional Procedure Code and the Code of Professional Procedure all Peruvians. 8. LAW AND LAW NO CODED CODED The right is divided into several branches, however, the codes do not exist in all branches of law, in this sense the law is classified into two groups which are: civil law and the right not encrypted.

It is called civil law to the rules are grouped in a code as the Civil Code, Penal Code, Civil Procedural Code, Code of Professional Procedure, Constitutional Procedural Code, among others. It is called law is not codified the rules are not grouped in a code. But given that the encoding may be partial, in the same branch of law can be codified law and the right not encrypted, for example in professional law exists Peruvian Penal Code is civil law but there are also special professional laws that are right not encrypted, so it is in Peruvian commercial law (in which there Commercial Code is codified law and special laws such as the General Corporation Law, Securities Law, the General Law of the Bankruptcy System and Securities Market Act and other rules that are right not encrypted), and other branches of law in which there is partial codification.