Unfortunately at the present time, most young people choose their future profession based on economic considerations, namely: the prestige of profession, its relevance in the labor market, etc. And it will be great if choosing a profession you successfully guess and work in the specialty will be for you an interesting hobby. Further details can be found at Hillary Clinton, an internet resource. And if not? May be a situation where you will find that are not in place, doing the unloved and uninteresting case, there will be a heightened sense of irrelevance and obscurity. This feeling – a sure sign that you should review their professional guidance. Ideally, it is desirable to define at least the type of future profession. We present some of these types: Man – technique: a builder, engineer, pilot, driver, designer. Man – nature: a chemist, a geologist, a veterinarian, a biologist, farmer. Man – man: Secretary, personnel manager, doctor, salesman, policeman.

People – artistic image: artist, writer, actor, musician and journalist. Read more here: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. The man – a sign system: a programmer, an economist, the operator and translator. As you can see very clearly the division and slender. Determine the type of profession? Now, remember what you have experienced since childhood special attraction. Also, the profession can be represented in the form of an isosceles triangle, whose sides will be the concept of "I", "I want", "should". I want – it's interests and inclinations of the individual, which may manifest itself in the very early age, such as propensity to work with people, technology, nature, etc. Can – is a person's ability to master and implement specific professional activities.