Technological Progress Achieved

The development of a mining machinery of the technological progress of mankind, modern science and technology and is closely related to the raymond mill industry level, particularly with the mechanical engineering sciences and closely linked to the development of mining disciplines. Forefront of modern science and technology have obvious time domain, area, and dynamic properties. Information science, materials science, life science, nano science, management science and manufacturing science are changing the 21st century; mainstream science, the resulting high tech and the industry will change the world. Mining Machinery is a high technological content and integration of equipment, development of new equipment constantly results in all areas of human integration in, along with materials science, manufacturing technology, information technology, computer technology, each product has a into new technologies, parts and components updates become shorter and shorter, faster and faster replacement of new equipment, in particular the development of large scale mining machinery, non mature experience to draw on, but the design does not allow any mistakes and must therefore be With the integration of multi-disciplinary technologies to improve design efficiency and design quality, enhance corporate capability of independent innovation and market competitiveness. Therefore, the in-depth study of international and domestic mining machinery industry, the development status of the industry trend and technology development Trend, in particular, broken equipment, advanced technology, further development of our country and improve the level of mining machinery, coal, metal and nonmetal mines develop more advanced level of international quality, efficient equipment to meet the energy and economic development The need for raw materials of great significance. For example, in metallurgy, metallurgical coke by partial substitution of ore to blast furnace coke rate reduction, pig iron costs. Mill processed an alternative part of the pulverized ore injection, coke, coking while saving investment to build more coke, to reduce air pollution caused by coking; the other hand, can greatly ease the tight coking ore supply and demand situation. According to statistics, every year after breaking ground materials by hammer crusher reached more than 10 billion tons. Brittle materials production in China has reached more than 1.5 billion, of which about 240 million tons of iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore over 100 million tons, more than 260 million tons of non-metallic minerals, chemicals more than 030 million tons of minerals, some more than 400 million tons of cement, building materials with more than 470 million tons of rock. The above data, we have broken the project can be found in the national economy plays a huge role.