The Possibilities

Others mention the images than we are today, with tails, pushes, the streets full, while others we are in solitude in front of our computer. We know very well as they are our cities and the ferocious individualism of to our we have analyzed it time in several books. It is indeed for that reason that takes place the reappearance of community-solidarity and the technology it has put the subject of the social networks. And again on the table the subject of the share capital. And because to use the word ” capital”? Because the economic growth is not in favor already certain only of the natural resources, infrastructure and consumer goods and financial capital, but by the form as they interact and the actors organize themselves. That is to say, that information, communication, ideas and support we have to our disposition. It would seem that old drawing up the economic ones change and who we spoke of shared in common economy we are sustaining ourselves on a present one clearly. We do not discuss if the man is egoistic or no, which we must watch is that the possibilities of being egoistic are perhaps being finished.

In summary, it would seem that society is a series of limitations to the egoisms and community a positive system inventing. Perhaps we would have to speak of induction of shared in common behaviors. It would seem that an intelligence can be generated collective and it happens through a transition to a model of car-organization directed by the community, so that people act collectively. It also in the economic aspect, reason why is spoken already of one ” economy sustainable of colaboracin”. It is obvious it in the political field, because a new model of democracy is generated. We have already said them. We have called it democracy of the 21st century.