The Download

Obviously nobody is going to make money sharing photos with friends, but movies sites have managed to take advantage of it, moreover, both benefit each other since the latter carry you thousands of users who enter to download their movies. For example,, a site which emerged in October 2009 and from where you can see free online thousands of movies, offering all of its classified contents, with pictures and reviews of each film and a simple and intuitive search, has achieved such popularity that it reached the 500,000 visits a day. With 100,000 of those people to download free movies on the Internet already I would be earning an income of $1,000 per day. This added to the advertising of the site and taking into account the number of users continues to rise ends up being one more important figure. On the legal issue, it is very difficult to prove the illegality of these sites, because each time that a user watch a movie, is technically it downloading from another, the download page, and in these files are uploaded by internet users who have no relationship with the owners of the page, it therefore ends up being very difficult that someone is accused of piracy. Many times when it is denounced any file, just download page administrators deleted that file and continues business as if nothing had happened. This undoubtedly encourages piracy, but just as happened with Apple who took the music business by internet offering every song to 1 dollar through iTunes, with movies and series online emerged already Netflix, a site where paying a fee of $ 8 per month offers the same service that we have been talking about but legally and of better quality.