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According to advance the school, the use of proportional thinking in geometric contexts is important, as is note some initial connections between geometry and algebra. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. The students should be able to solve problems through geometric patterns and explain relationships in geometric concepts involved. GENERAL OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT IN GRADES A SELECTION. SECOND GRADE: Identify in the middle and in models, figures and basic geometric shapes to make some of them on graph paper, traced and cut through and identify the relationship of equality between them, with overlapping or measurement in the case of segments. FOURTH GRADE: Identify in the middle and model basic geometrical figures and bodies, making some of them with different instruments and build objects with these forms and argue some propositions from the knowledge of their properties and characteristics. SIXTH GRADE: Identify and describe the figures and elementary bodies in different ways objects are represented in their environment, through the knowledge of its essential properties, especially symmetry and equality general geometric from the use of reflection, translation and central symmetry.

TREATMENT OF INFORMATION. The data domain includes understanding how to collect data, organize data collected by oneself or by others, and the representation of data in graphs and tables that will be useful when responding to questions that led to the collection of data. This content domain includes understanding of issues relating to misinterpretation of data. The domain data content consists of these main thematic areas: Collecting and organizing data Data representation Interpretation of data The school can handle simple data collection plans or work with data that has been collected or generated by other by simulations.