Types Of Stained Glass

The most common are spechnye stained glass or stained glass fusing. He is produced by assembling colored glass fragments, which constitute the ornament, wire and other elements of stained glass and their further baking together. Baking takes place in special furnaces, with a gradual increase in temperature to 850 degrees and then declines, and lasts about 16 hours. However, the sintering may vary depending on the type and thickness of glass, and drawing. It should be noted that for the production of stained glass fusing is required, which have the same coefficient of thermal expansion. Revolutionary changes in the production of stained glass made Louis Tiffany. He invented a new manufacturing techniques of stained glass when the glass elements, wrapped in copper foil, skreplevayutsya with ties and pressure welded tin pripoem.Posle this stained glass cover the patina. This stained glass technique and is called to honor its creator – Tiffany stained-glass windows.

It should be noted this kind of stained glass as sandblasting. Technique of the stained glass is damaged, glass sand under high pressure. Using special templates, you can create a variety of designs, inscriptions and reliefs. Also, using the thick glass, you can create layered compositions. Manufacture of stained glass by painting the glass allows create different patterns with the smallest details. It uses special water-resistant and durable paint. Each artist creates a stained-glass window on the technology of painting glass, one uses a brush, the second uses airbrush, so stained glass windows, made seemingly of the same technology but different masters can be very different from each other.

Bending (deformation). So is the following type of stained glass windows, which are obtained through the use of technology fusing. Baked in an oven, a single sheet of colored glass become soft and flexible, which allows to obtain a curved shape, eg for making dishes or ashtrays. Quickly and cheap to produce stained glass by using films. Originally developed by the desired pattern, cut out the individual elements of the stained glass of the color film, and then glued onto the glass. Important – this creates the effect of stained glass no worse than glass. Superb stained glass windows are obtained by combining different technologies of production.